SPC Flooring Standard & Inspection

✨ SPC Flooring Standard & Inspection

The main raw materials of SPC flooring & Vinyl flooring are PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and stone powder (Caco3), which are plastic products. The physical performance of the plastic products is one of the important factors to measure the quality of the product.
Zhejiang Ousikai New Material follow the most strict standards (Higher than industry standards). All products must be tested in our laboratory before leaving the factory.

The test items are as follows.
1. Thickness & Size 12 . Scratch performance
2. Squareness 13. Residual Indentation
3. Straightness 14. Effect of Castor Chair
4. Installation gap
15. Modulus of elasticity
5. Installation height difference 16. Static bending strength
6. UV degree testing 17. Density
17. Density 18. Hardness
18. Hardness 19. Martindale Micro Scratch
9. Locking strength 20. Bevel
10. Curling after 6h at 80℃ 21. Appearance
We will issue a Inspection Report to our partner before loading to make sure everything is in order. Ever customer have the right to know what flooring he's going to receive.

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