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Gym & Apartment

Solingen, Germany


The total area of these two projects is 3,800 square meters. The choice of flooring started in 2017 and the installation started in 2019.


  • The apartment and stadium will use only one color, so the color must match the style of the two areas.
  • Floors in both areas must be abrasion and scratch resistant.
  • The apartment will be installed with underfloor heating under the floor, so the expansion and contraction of the floor must conform to the standard.
  • There will be a lot of fitness equipment in the gym. The floor needs to have sufficient pressure bearing capacity, and it is not easy to be damaged when the device is dropped on the floor.

Our solution

Loose floor: 7.2”*48”, 5.0mm*0.7mm (28 million), ceramic bead finish

Installation method: glue


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