Durable. Budget-Friendly. Easily Maintained.

Vinyl Flooring Manufacturer for Businesses

FENGYUE specializes in PVC floors that perfectly balance functionality and aesthetics, providing quality products and considerate OEM services for all kinds of businesses. FREE SAMPLES upon request.

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Our rigid core vinyl flooring and resilient vinyl flooring both demonstrate excellent functions, outstanding design and large adaptability to all applications.

Our Vinyl Floors Stand Out

FENGYUE's vinyl flooring is your perfect choice for both commercial and residential use because of its extraordinary characteristics.

  • Durable

    FENGYUE's products can last as long as 25 years.

  • Waterproof

    All vinyl flooring can resist water and moist.

  • Fire Resistance

    Made of plastics, vinyl floors are hard to get burnt.

  • Safe

    Even if our product tilts 60°, people will not slip on it.

  • Easy Maintaining

    Vinyl floors resist wear and tear, scratches and stains.

  • Sound Insulating

    Ensured by proper thickness and quality underlayment.

OEM Service Renders the Best Solutions

We help businesses and designers bring their ideas to life by providing products with a wide range of custom options and test reports.

We Offer the Most Suitable Floors for Different Sectors

As a flooring expert, FENGYUE provides professional analysis and solutions for all segments.

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In addition to product information, FENGYUE also presents you with an abundance of online resources to help you understand how you can benefit from our products and services.

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FENGYUE is committed to tailoring the flooring portafolio to our clients' business needs. Contact to enjoy fast delivery, fair prices and free samples.