Super Anti Scratch SPC Flooring

SPC flooring is the fastest growing category of all flooring since 2017 because of its great aesthetics, waterproof properties, impact resistance, dimensional stability and overall value, That’s the main factors driving sales in the resilient flooring market.

With the growth of sales, we also noticed many concerns about SPC from end customers, The more common of which is the scratch.

The more of the real life scenarios for scratch

Althought there are lot of SPC flooring promotion said anti micro scratch in the end market, The fact is more of products do not avoid micro scratch in the daily sue or just slightly better than the more traditional polyurethane coating.

In view of the above situations
Zhejiang Ousikai New Material Co.,Ltd
launched a New Anti Micro Scratch coating for our SPC flooring
Super Protective Shield Coating

We need to perform scratch and wear resistance tests with independent laboratories to confirm and assert the performance of the Super protect Shield Coating, Especially as compared to other polyurethane finish products. 

DIN EN 16094 - Micro Scratch Resistance

DIN EN 16094 is a European test method that improves on the original Sim Floor Scratch Resistance test. EN 16094 is intended to measure scratch resistance, but particularly focuses on micro-scratches that are commonly caused by the movement of furniture or equipment and commercial foot traffic. EN 16094 is conducted using a Martindale Tester - a sample is clamped to an abrading table, then a reciprocating head with a weighted 3M Scotch Brite pad attached is placed on top. The reciprocating head moves the Scotch Brite pad in a random pattern in order to create micro scratches on the surface of the sample.

We conducted testing on three SPC samples of similar wood grain colors and constructions. Each product had the same wear layer type and thickness (20 mils / 0.5mm), but there were three distinctly different polyurethane coatings on each sample:

• Ceramic Bead Coating
• Stain & Scratch Resistant Coating
• Super Protective Shield Coating

Testing yielded the following results:

It can be seen from the pictures and test results that although ceramic beand and Stain & scratch resistant have certain anti-scratch performance, They still cannot avoid the occurrence of scratch. Such scratches will only get worse over time during daily using.

Super protective shield coating has obviously avoided this situation, Not only does this coating last longer in terms of wear, but it is also less likely to scratch and show the appearance of scratches during normal use.

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