Types of Vinyl Tile Flooring Suppliers

Vinyl tile flooring suppliers offer a wide range of colors, patterns and textures to match any room design. Manufacturers produce floor tiles that closely resemble stone, wood and ceramic. Their products are water-resistant and easy to clean. Most types of vinyl are stain-resistant, too, and have the capacity to absorb impacts from heavy furniture without cracking or discoloring.

Inlaid vinyl floors are layered and often have a clear urethane coating that provides long-term protection against scrapes, scuffs and scratches. They are designed to be durable and can withstand heavy furniture, including refrigerators and stoves. These floors can be glued to concrete, plywood and other solid subfloors, and are also suited for direct-glue applications.

Some manufacturers specialize in luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) that closely resemble natural materials, such as stone and wood. Unlike traditional sheet vinyl, LVT is five times thicker and has a wear layer that mimics grooves of natural materials and resists moisture. Some brands of LVT have a photographic print that enhances realism and others use an embossed texture to create the appearance of beveled edges.

Luxury vinyl is available as a tile or plank product, with most manufacturers offering both styles. For example, Armstrong has more than 100 different types of plank and tile floorings that are marketed as luxury vinyl under its LUXE and Vivero brands. The company's LUXE products, for example, are available in both wood grain and stone-grain versions.

Manufacturers that primarily produce commercial grade vinyl floors often produce floor coverings that are designed for specific industries. These floor coverings are created for a wide range of applications, such as restaurants, hospitals, schools, warehouses and retail stores. Some of these floors are made with anti-microbial additives to prevent the growth of microorganisms that could cause infections. They also may have special coatings to repel dirt and stains, or have an enhanced sound-absorbing quality for added acoustical benefit.

Other companies specialize in manufacturing utility vinyl flooring. These floor coverings are designed to help reduce the risk of falls and injuries in industrial settings, and they are offered in a variety of colors and finishes. These floor coverings can be fabricated to meet specific jobsite requirements and can include anti-static, conductive or ESD (electrostatic dissipative) qualities.

Manufacturer of bonded vinyl floor tiles and linoleum sheet. Provides custom fabrication and installation services. Capabilities include digital cutting, patterning, fabrication bonding, and small hardware installation. Work with Kevlar, FR webbing, Mil-Spec, aramid 600 and Defender 450 materials.

Distributor of commercial vinyl and linoleum flooring, including anti-static and ESD vinyl flooring. Provides a wide range of flooring options for residential and commercial environments, as well as industrial facilities and commercial aircraft and marine applications. Products include anti-static, conductive and ESD vinyl floorings, vinyl composition tile, interlocking cushion vinyl flooring, vinyl floor coverings and linoleum sheets.

Supplier of industrial grade no-wax vinyl for cleanroom applications. Offers a wide variety of colors and finishes for cleanroom and lab applications. Designs and manufactures customized rugs, mats, runners, stairway treads and walkway covers.

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