Core of LVT Flooring Manufacturers

LVT flooring manufacturers have produced an array of solutions that are both visually appealing and extremely durable. While no floor is indestructible, modern vinyl floors are designed to be very resistant to stains, scrapes, dents and scuffs that are typically caused by regular daily wear and tear. This resistance to damage makes LVT a popular choice for areas of the home where floors are subject to frequent traffic and use.

The core of most LVT products consists of PVC, with some manufacturers using recycled plastics and even wood in their product core materials. A decorative clear vinyl layer is then bonded to the top of this material for aesthetic appeal, while also providing additional protection and comfort. Many manufacturers will also add a liquid urethane coating to the surface of the clear vinyl layer, which helps enhance its stain-, scuff- and scratch-resistance.

These layers are then laminated together, much like you would make a grilled cheese sandwich. This process uses a lot of heat, time and pressure to ensure all the layers are adhered to each other for a strong and durable floor covering.

While some manufacturers have their own proprietary manufacturing processes, most follow similar methods to create a quality product. During the manufacturing process, a large quantity of raw materials is mixed and blended until a compound is created that is suitable for the final floor. This compound is then used in a calender machine to form the finished flooring, where it is compressed under heat and pressure until it becomes thick and solid.

Once the finished flooring is ready, it can be cut to size and installed in your space. Some LVT solutions are made for a glue down installation, while others feature a click system that allows them to be simply snapped into place and locked into place. Most manufacturers offer a wide range of sizes, densities and dimensions for their product lines, with some solutions available in either tiles or planks.

LVT is very easy to clean, which is ideal for spaces that may see a lot of foot or rolling traffic. Unlike carpet, where spills can be difficult to wipe up and stains can set in quickly, LVT is very stain-resistant and does not require any special cleaning or scrubbing methods. This means that your LVT floor can be swept and mopped regularly to keep it looking beautiful.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Manufacturers
One of the most well-known and respected LVT flooring manufacturers is Mannington, which offers a comprehensive line of premium vinyl tile solutions under its SolidTech and Adura brands. These options include both wood-look and stone-look vinyl tile, with several different wood species and a wide variety of colors and patterns. In addition, some of their solutions are engineered for a simple glue-down installation, while others are designed to be simply snapped into place with their proprietary Uniclick technology.

Another well-known manufacturer is Cryntel Enterprises, which focuses on making stone-look and wood-look LVT. The company's unique Polystone technology involves adding limestone composite to the vinyl mix, which gives their stone-look products an especially authentic look and feel. Their wood-look vinyl tile is also very authentic, with realistic graining and coloring that looks very similar to traditional hardwood flooring.

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