Vinyl flooring for workplaces, including large and small offices.

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Workplaces consist of several functional areas, including entryways, hallways, seating areas, meeting rooms and pantry rooms. FENGYUE offers SPC and LVT flooring with all kinds of embosses and textures to separate the space. Selecting the colors that reflect the workspace character is also significant, and for this reason, FENGYUE presents you with a wide range of colorways to bring out your favorite style. You can find more benefits listed below.

Excellent Sound Insulation

Acoustics can be an important factor that affects work efficiency. FENGYUE provides high-quality IXPE foams as one of the optional materials of the underlayment. These foams allow our flooring to absorb more sound, creating a quiet working environment, which will enhance users’ concentration.

Small Orders Welcome

As a vinyl flooring manufacturer with a productive factory, FENGYUE can take orders of flexible volumes. We understand that office space can be limited, and we have no problem completing orders of small quantity professionally and fast.

For Offices

You can use these recommended floors to build a office that complies with the companys’ culture and the industry’s characteristics while maintaining the preferred style.

Provide the Best Solution for Our Clients

  • Renovating an Office Building

    The owner of an office building asked us to help renovate the floors which took up 19,000 sqf. The large height difference and the base wood floor set significant obstacles, but FENGYUE tackled the problems.

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