Vinyl flooring for sports halls, multi-functional areas, outdoor courses and other sport places.


Sport flooring must withstand impacts caused by all kinds of sport activities. It must also protect the people from great injuries by offering a cushion effect when accidents happen. The ability to absorb shock and provide a certain level of bouncing force determines the quality of the floor. And FENGYUE is ready to deliver the suitable products for the sport flooring projects.

Improved Safety

With up to 8mm of thickness, FENGYUE’s floors show a great capability to withstand heavy traffic, absorb shock, and provide a more stable experience for the users. Our anti-slip luxury vinyl floors with the more resilient surface can help people enjoy sport and reduce the probability of injuries.

Less Maintenance Effort

Easy maintenance and staying in good shape are the requirements of the floors for sport places nowadays. Our products of excellent dimensional stability can endure large outdoor temperature fluctuations. The waterproof characteristic and the anti-scratch UV coating layer make our products require almost no maintenance, saving the owners a lot of time, money and energy.

For Gyms

The products below are highly recommended to create the look and performance that are required by the indoor gym flooring projects.

Provide the Best Solution for Our Clients

  • Gym & Apartment

    Julia is an interior overall designer , She has a composite project of apartment and health house with the same color floor.Different application scenarios have different requirements on the physical properties of the floor, and Fengyue provides a perfect solution according to the project

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