Vinyl flooring for hospitals, medical centers, care homes, disability centers and other healthcare areas.


Most medical institutions are open 24/7, and the floors in these objects are exposed to heavy traffic, which requires highly durable products that can withstand frequent use. FENGYUE’ SPC and luxury vinyl flooring can last for as long as 20 years if used in commercial applications. Also, we strike a balance between the durability and aesthetics by offering a wide range of colors and patterns in light shades that can comfort the patients and calm the staff, facilitating the treatment and work efficiency. In addition, FENGYUE’s floors contribute a lot in the following aspects.

Creating a Hygienic Environment

The cleanliness of healthcare areas is critical to people’s health and recovery. FENGYUE’s waterproof products require minimal maintenance. Some of our floors can also prevent bacteria and static electricity to create a highly hygienic space.

Resisting Sliding

Our products can effectively prevent people from slipping even in case of a 60° tilt. With the strong friction provided by the surface, people can move fast and safely.


Environmentally Compliant

With RoHS and Floorscore certificates, our floors don’t harm human’s health since they emit less than 0.5mg/m³ of TVOC. We use new materials to produce our products while they can also be recycled, contributing to the sustainability of resources.

For Hospitals

The following products provided by FENGYUE can meet your needs on hospital flooring, creating a hygienic and anti-slip environment.

Provide the Best Solution for Our Clients

  • Renovating an Office Building

    The owner of an office building asked us to help renovate the floors which took up 19,000 sqf. The large height difference and the base wood floor set significant obstacles, but FENGYUE tackled the problems.

    Case Renovating an Office Building 3

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