Vinyl flooring for schools and the other educational areas.

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People in charge of a school or any other educational areas have a common concern: limited budget. Besides the need of relatively low cost, people also need the floors to create a safe, healthy environment for energetic students and dedicated staff. How can our clients figure out the most suitable flooring for an educational space? The answers are listed below:

20-Year Life Span Proves Durability

The life span of the floors is what justifies the investment. FENGYUE’s floors, including SPC vinyl and LVT vinyl, can last as long as 20 years in commercial use, which makes them the most durable floors in the industry.

Well Worth the Investment

Bulk use of products increases the cost. However, supported by our robust productivity and advanced technology, FENGYUE offers its clients fair prices to reduce their budget stress.


Improve Safety for Students and Staff

All FENGYUE’s floors have passed several tests, proving that they’re free of both formaldehyde and heavy metals, eliminating the harmful elements from an educational environment. Moreover, the anti-slip surface can increase friction between feet and the floors, making people walk and run on it safely.

For School

We select the featured products below with distinguished characters to create safe and healthy spaces for schools.

Provide the Best Solution for Our Clients

  • Gym & Apartment

    Julia is an interior overall designer , She has a composite project of apartment and health house with the same color floor.Different application scenarios have different requirements on the physical properties of the floor, and Fengyue provides a perfect solution according to the project

  • Renovating an Office Building

    The owner of an office building asked us to help renovate the floors which took up 19,000 sqf. The large height difference and the base wood floor set significant obstacles, but FENGYUE tackled the problems.

    Case Renovating an Office Building 3
  • Auden Houston (University apartment)

    This is a university apartment renovation project.The project standard take US standard, and there is a government professional team to carry out acceptance audit after installation completing.

    Case Auden Houston University apartment

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