Backed by the leading facilities and the professional team, FENGYUE can manufacture vinyl floors in line with what you have in mind and offer prompt delivery and favorable prices.

Factory Facts

The answer to why FENGYUE can make products in as few as 20 days and meet rigid standards.

How We Make Excellent Vinyl Floors

More Stringent Quality Inspections

FENGYUE adopted a higher inspection standard of ISO9000 and equip its lab with various types of advanced inspection equipment to ensure its products possess outstanding functionality.

  • Virgin Material Inspection 

    We detect any impurity and white dots to ensure all the incoming materials we use have consistent colors and are of high quality.
  • Gloss Inspection 

    Every piece of floor will go through the gloss inspection to see if they have the proper gloss in accordance with their finishing type.
  • Thermal Expansion and Contraction Rate Inspection 

    Our products shall meet our standard of 0.2% to pass the test, providing excellent stability when encountering temperature changes.
  • Grooves Inspection 

    FENGYUE's experienced workers will examine the shape and dimensions of the grooves to ensure they comply with specifications.
  • Double Final Inspection 

    Before packaging and loading goods, our worker will check if the floors' colors and numbers comply with the info on the exterior box.

Awaiting Exploration

Our productive and quality manufacturing result in our innovating products, full services, and the continuous development of the company.

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