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Renovating an Office Building

San Francisco , California, US



The owner of the building, Igor, purchased the office building in 2017, and he plans to renovate the building as his company’s new office space totaling 19,000 square feet.


He has the following requirements for the floor:

  • The height difference between the corridor and the office area reaches 18mm. If the traditional reducer can’t solve the problem of height difference.
  • All the floors on the 2nd and 3rd floors are not cement floors, all are made of wood boards, so the sound insulation is very very poor. He wish have a good solution.
  • The overall design style is simple, so the floor color shouldn’t too flowery.
  • The floor must meet the fire protection standard. After the renovation of the project, the government will come to check.
  • The floor must be wear-resistant and scratch-resistant.

Our Solution

Click SPC Flooring: 7.2’’*48’’, 5.0mm * 0.5mm (20mil), Ceramic bead finished

Rubber Flooring: 19.6’’ * 19.6’’, 13.0mm


We helped our customer solve her renovation problem and got her appreciate.

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