Case Studies

FENGYUE has been providing our clients with commertial and residential flooring solutions regarding to varied problems in different segments for more than a decade.

  • Gym & Apartment

    Julia is an interior overall designer , She has a composite project of apartment and health house with the same color floor.Different application scenarios have different requirements on the physical properties of the floor, and Fengyue provides a perfect solution according to the project

  • Auden Houston (University apartment)

    This is a university apartment renovation project.The project standard take US standard, and there is a government professional team to carry out acceptance audit after installation completing.

  • Marriott Tacoma Convention Center Hotel

    This is a new marriott hotel project, The hotel is designed with large conference rooms, executive lounges and more than 400 luxury rooms.

  • Renovating an Office Building

    The owner of an office building asked us to help renovate the floors which took up 19,000 sqf. The large height difference and the base wood floor set significant obstacles, but FENGYUE tackled the problems.

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